Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Trochanteric Bursitis

This is a particularly common problem in middle aged women. It often presents with gradual onset outer hip pain and can occur on both sides at the same time. It can be quite debilitating and prevent participation in exercise as well as causing pain with activities of daily living. It is often associated with a tendinopathy of the hip abductor muscles (gluteus medius & minimus). A thorough clinical examination should provide an appropriate diagnosis. Investigations are often not required but an ultrasound will usually provide a diagnosis in the more difficult cases.

Treatment can involve injection therapy combined with an appropriate muscle strengthening rehabilitation programme.

Hamstring Origin Tendinopathy

This is a common condition particularly in distance runners. It presents with buttock pain particularly while running and often post-activity also. It can occur on both sides.

A thorough clinical assessment is required as many conditions present with buttock pain. Investigations may be required. This may involve an ultrasound or MRI scan. Treatment will often involve an eccentric muscle strengthening rehabilitation programme. In resistant cases a course of extracorporeal shockwave therapy may be recommended