Shock Wave Therapy Treatment (ECSWT)

Shock Wave Therapy Treatment (ECSWT)

Extra-corporeal Shock Wave treatment is a safe and effective treatment for chronic tendon problems which is recommended by The National Institute of Clinical Excellence( NICE).

All shock wave treatment performed by Dr Geoff Davies will be entered into a national database as part of an ongoing multi-centre research study as recommended by NICE (ASSERT Protocol). The results of this study will be publishes in due course.

Extracorporeal shockwave has been shown to be effective in the treatment of a number of chronic tendon conditions including;

Tennis elbow
Plantar fasciitis
Trochanteric bursitis
Shoulder tendonitis

Prior to treatment you will need a full clinical assessment including appropriate imaging (ultrasound or MRI scan) to confirm the diagnosis. If Dr Davies deems shock wave to be an appropriate treatment for your tendon condition he will usually perform 3 sessions of shock wave therapy at weekly intervals.

This treatment is covered by most major insurance companies but it is always wise to check with your insurer prior to commencing this treatment. Packages for self-funding patients will also be available shortly.

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